All RV owners – from those who just purchased their rig and are out for their first trip, to those who have been doing it for twenty years or more – will make mistakes from time to time. Most of them are no big deal, but they can be annoying nonetheless. While being perfect is probably an impossible goal, you can learn from the mistakes of your fellow RV’ers and take steps to avoid them in the future.

Below are a few of the more common mistakes that are made when it comes to owning and operating an RV. You just might recognize a couple from your past experiences – it’s okay, we won’t ask! rc2

Not Moving the Wheel Chocks

So you enjoyed a great week of camping in your RV, and have gotten everything all packed up and put away from the drive home – until you can’t get the RV moving out of the parking spot. Hopefully, it won’t take you much time to realize that the wheel chocks are still in place, preventing the RV from rolling away (and hopefully no one in the campground is watching). Since moving the chocks away from the wheels is probably one of the last things you will do before heading out, it is an understandable mistake to make – but probably one you will only make once.

Driving Away – But Connected

If you have been connected to water, or sewer, or power, or all three, while you have been camped, it is obviously important to make sure you are disconnected (and all of the parts and accessories are put away) before driving off. Beyond being embarrassing, this is a mistake that could prove expensive if you damage something in the process of trying to drive away. Always double check that your RV is free and clear and ready to hit the road before you actually head out.

Not Getting Level Right Away

Either through forgetfulness or laziness, some RV’ers don’t get their rig properly level at the start of the trip, and end up dealing with it for the rest of the time they are camped. Not only is this uncomfortable when you are trying to relax inside and realize that things aren’t level, it can also cause your RV to not quite function as it should. Always get level when you arrive for your stay so you don’t have to worry about it later on.

Buying the Huge RV – When You Don’t Need It

This is a mistake that can get expensive, quick. When you go to the RV dealership to pick out just the right rig for you and your family, don’t automatically head to the largest one on the lot and assume that is the one you want. Bigger coaches are more expensive to buy, more expensive to fuel, etc. You want to pick one that is just the right size for you family’s needs – not too big, not too small. Also, by getting one that isn’t too large, you should be able to get into more campgrounds than you would have if you purchased the largest one on the lot.

Going the Wrong Direction

If you do own a large RV, make sure to plan your trip such that you can avoid going on roads that have overpasses too low for you to clear – or streets too narrow for you to navigate comfortably. Think ahead and research the best route to get to your destination without having to deal with extra challenges along the way.

Staying at Home Too Often

This is the mistake that most RV owners are guilty of – not using their RV enough! If you decide to make the commitment to purchase an RV, then you should make the commitment to get out and use it as often as possible. Even if you can only get away for a short trip, look for fun places to go that won’t be too long of a drive from your home and check them out for yourself.

There is no shame in making some silly mistakes with your RV, as long as they don’t cost you too much money or create an unsafe situation. Before you get back out onto the road, make sure to go over your checklist and ensure that everything is done properly and the rig is ready to go. By taking your time double-checking your work, you should be able to avoid the common mistakes that RV owners make.


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