RV Tire Balance

In terms of sheer size and weight, your RV is almost certainly the largest vehicle you will ever drive. Whether you are driving a Motorhome, or pulling a trailer with your truck, you have a lot of weight under your control out there on the road. Since that weight is all sitting on the tires of the RV, it is important to make sure those tires are in good working order. Tire balancing is part of that equation, and it can help to make sure the tire wears evenly as the miles add up – rather than having one part of the tire wear out faster and create a potentially dangerous situation.Optimized-rent

Why do tires need to be balanced?

Once a tire is mounted onto a wheel assembly, the entire assembly may not be perfectly balanced. Even if the balance is only off by a few ounces, that can lead to an uneven ride and improper wear. By having your RV tires balanced before you head off for your next adventure, you can protect the tires all around the RV and have much better chance of using them worry-free for many miles to come.

Signs that Tires Need Balancing

So how do you know that your tires need to be balanced? Well, the most obvious sign is a bumpy or wobbly ride as you travel down the road. If you notice that you are riding on a smooth and well-maintained road – and the ride still doesn’t feel very smooth – you might want to look into having your tires balanced. While there will likely be a cost associated with having this done, it is better than having to prematurely buy new tires because the tread wears out quickly and unevenly. Don’t just ignore this problem, as it isn’t one that is going to go away on its own.

While you should always have your tires balanced when you notice a problem in the ride, you should also have it done when certain events occur. If you have to replace a tire, for example, you should have it balanced to make sure it doesn’t cause a problem for the rest of the vehicle. Also, if you buy new tires for the RV, balancing should take place right away to get off to a good start with the new set. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that they will be balanced correctly just because they are new – that is not always the case.

Taking it to a Capable Shop

Unless you have the equipment, and knowledge, necessary to do the tire balancing on your own, you will want to call on the help of a trained professional garage. Find a garage in your area that specializes in doing work on trailers and RV’s as they will be accustomed to working with large vehicles and the unique challenges that they provide. Hopefully, you will be able to develop a good working relationship with a local auto shop that you can rely on for all of the tire maintenance needs that you have for the life of your RV.

How are tires balanced properly?

Weights can be added to the wheel in order to properly balance the tire and help it to wear evenly as it rolls down the road. The weights come in different forms depending on how much weight is needed, where it is needed, etc. There are a variety of tire balancing products on the market that promise to solve your tire balance problems, but the work is best left done to a professional who can properly assess the situation and remedy it properly. Healthy tires are one of the most-important parts of arriving safely at your destination, so don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to their care and maintenance.

You might not think of tire balancing right away when considering the maintenance that needs to be done to your RV, but you would be wise to include it on your list of items to check off on a regular basis. Obviously, safely traveling on the roads to wherever you are going should be a top priority, and tire balancing can help to protect the tread on the tires you are riding on.


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