It’s not particularly difficult to find beautiful RV destinations throughout the United States – specifically west of the Rocky Mountains. The west is full of gorgeous locations to visit for vacation, so you really have no one to blame but yourself if you can’t pick out somewhere to go. However, as you look over a list of destination options, one should stand out above the rest – Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe sits along the border of California and Nevada, and it is one of the most-stunning areas you will ever see in person. The lake itself contains beautiful blue water, and the surrounding land is covered with tall trees and rocky Beautiful Clear Water Shoreline of Lake Tahoe.mountaintops. If taking your RV to naturally beautiful places where you can just relax and enjoy the best of nature, Lake Tahoe should quickly rise to the top of your list.

Near to Reno

While the Tahoe area itself has been moderately developed with some commercial businesses and residential properties, the lake is also only a short drive from Reno, Nevada. Being close to a bigger city like Reno gives you the advantage of having all of the shopping and supplies you could near relatively close by should you need something on your trip. Of course, Reno also has plenty of great casinos, if you are into that kind of thing.

Better Off in the Summer

Going to Tahoe in the winter can be great fun – there are some world-class ski resorts to experience. However, when it comes to RV travel, the summer is going to be your best bet. The same snow that makes those ski resorts great can cause problems for traveling in your RV, and getting to the lake during the winter months can be difficult or even impossible. Always check conditions before you go, but heading to Tahoe during May – September will give you the best chance of good weather.

Recreation Galore

Although you won’t be snow skiing in the summer during your RV trip, you certainly can enjoy plenty of other recreational activities on and around the lake. A partial list of options for fun at Lake Tahoe includes hiking, fishing, swimming, golfing, rafting, and more. If you at all enjoy being active out in nature, there is a great chance that Tahoe will have something right up your alley.

It is important to plan ahead when you are making a summer trip to Lake Tahoe. Plenty of people travel to this area each summer, meaning you will want to have your RV spot reserved in order to make sure you aren’t stuck at night without a place to park. Also, thanks to the great location of the lake, you could also add in stops at other memorable destinations to your vacation, such as Yosemite National Park or even Las Vegas, NV.


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