Finding New Places to Explore in Your RV

One of the most-compelling reasons to invest in an RV purchase is the ability to visit a wide-variety of places that are within driving distance of your home. Instead of buying a vacation property – which won’t move an inch – you can take your RV just about anywhere you desire and have a new experience each time. You are likely to develop some favorite spots after you take a few trips, but you don’t have to worry about getting tired of taking RV vacations because there is always somewhere new to explore.

Of course, in order to visit new places, you have to find out about them in the first place. This isn’t quite as easy as it Optimized-banffmight seem. Depending on where you live, there might be hundreds (or thousands) of RV destinations within a couple days’ drive of your home for you to consider. Narrowing down that list and settling on a spot for you and your family to visit could become more time consuming than you would like. You certainly would rather spend more time on your vacation than planning it, so you need to have a smart approach to choosing your next RV camping destination.

Following are a few tips which can help you discover new places to visit in your RV. Just by using a couple of these tips, you could quickly find yourself with a long list of potential vacation spots.

Ask Other RV’ers

This technique is likely to be one of the most-successful, and easiest as well. If you already have a spot or two where you like to regularly take your RV, ask around to other RV owners that are staying at the same campground. Where are their other favorite destinations? Do they have any places off the beaten path that they would recommend? Typically, people will be glad to exchange tips and you could uncover ideas after just having a short chat. Also, this is a good method because RV owners who are staying in the same campground as you already are likely to have similar tastes and preferences – so their recommendations stand a good chance of being winners.

Smart Web Searching

Simply typing in ‘RV campgrounds in ‘city’’ isn’t a method that is likely to be very productive. Sure, you will find some websites that have options for you to consider, but you might have to sort through dozens of pages until you find what you are looking for. Rather, include important keywords in your search that will narrow down the results to places more relevant to you. For example, if you like fishing on your trips, you could search ‘RV campgrounds ‘city’ fishing’ to reveal locations that offer fishing nearby. No matter what kind of interests you have, add those words to your search to pare down the results and get useful information faster.

Ask at the Lot

If you take your RV back to the dealership where you purchased it for maintenance or service, ask around to those who work there for destination ideas. Often, the employees will be RV owners themselves, and will be happy to chat with you about potential campgrounds you could visit. Also, they will most likely have been asked this question many times, and being prepared with a good answer is probably part of the job on a regular basis.

Consider ‘Non-RV’ Destinations

Even if a destination is known more for tourism than RV camping, check into any businesses in the area that accommodate RV’s. You might be able to take a non-camping trip to a developed resort area and find a place to set up the RV for the week. This is a great option because you can visit places that usually require staying in expensive hotels for a much lower cost – while still being close to the action. Even if you typically enjoy taking your RV high into the mountains or off in a rural area, a trip to a developed tourist spot can be just what you need to break up the usual routine.

The last thing you want to do is get tired of using your RV because you head to the same place time after time. Keep your travel experience fresh, and keep your passion for using your RV alive by constantly seeking out new destinations to explore. Most likely, you will only head to some of these new spots once, but a couple of them might find their way into your list of regular stopping spots. Part of the appeal of owning an RV is the variety and options that it presents, so be sure to take advantage of that feature as much as possible.


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