Most likely, your RV will come pretty well loaded from the dealer with most of the things you need to have an enjoyable camping trip with your family. However, it is almost certainly not going to come with every last thing you need – or want – to make your trip run smoothly. By adding a few accessories to your RV before you hit the road, you can be better prepared for an enjoyable and memorable trip.rv

The list below offers five items that you should consider purchasing before your first trip in a new RV – or before taking another trip in the RV you already have. These items will vary in price, but all will offer you some level of convenience or comfort that might not be available to you otherwise with the standard equipment on your RV.

#1 – An Awning

While it is true that many RV’s come already equipped with an awning, some do not. An awning is great for providing shade from the sun, as well as giving you a nice covered place right outside the door to make the transition from indoor to outdoor living. For many people, some of the best times they have camping are spend sitting right outside the RV relaxing while having dinner, sharing stories, and enjoying the scenery. If your RV doesn’t already have an awning installed, make sure to check into the cost of getting one added before your next vacation.

#2 – A Proper Extension Cord

The power cord that comes equipped on your RV might be long enough to reach the hook up at most campsites – but probably not all. If you can acquire an extension cord that will work with your current cord to add distance to your reach, it will give you great flexibility in where you can park and how you can get hooked up to power. Few things are more frustrating in the life on an RV’er than parking just perfectly at the campground – only to find that the power cord is coming up a couple feet short. With a quality extension cord as part of your equipment, you won’t need to worry about this happening to you.

#3 – Extra Sewer Hose

The reasons that you should carry an extra sewer hose on your RV should be pretty self-explanatory. If something happens to your main hose that renders it unusable, you will certainly be glad that there is another option. Of all of the areas of your RV with which you could have to deal with a problem, the sewer tank is the one you hope never comes up. Being well-prepared with a backup hose can take one of those worries off the table, so you don’t end up in the dreaded situation of having a full tank at the campsite and no hose to empty it with.

#4 – Satellite Radio

If you like to enjoy some entertainment even when you are at a far-off campground somewhere, a satellite radio unit and subscription can be the perfect answer. You may be camped where you are unable to get a regular radio signal, but you can still use your satellite radio both to be entertained and to keep up with the news and weather reports. While you can certainly go camping in your RV without satellite radio, it is a nice feature to have available to you.

#5 – Space Heater

It can get cold at night when you are camping in the mountains, and using your propane to run the heat in the RV can drain your tank rather quickly. Instead, have a space heater available which you can use to heat up just a small portion of the RV when needed. Of course, you will need to be very careful with the space heater and not run it near any loose clothing or other items that could catch fire potentially.

In reality, the list of accessories that you can get for you RV could go on and on and probably fill up an entire book. You don’t need to purchase all of them – in fact, you don’t even need to purchase most of them. Figure out what specific parts of your RV experience could be improved, and then figure out what equipment or items you could buy to make that happen. Your RV is like an extension of your home, so make it as comfortable as possible for you and your family to enjoy.


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