It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of heading out for a trip. As you are packing the RV, your mind may already be on vacation – even though you haven’t left the driveway. While there is nothing wrong with a little excitement, you need to keep yourself focused on the job at hand if your trip is going to get off to a good start. Unfortunately, thinking ahead without paying attention to your preparation is a sure way to forget something.

With RV travel, there is a lot to remember before pulling out onto the road. It is a great idea to create a pre-trip checklist which you can use prior to starting each new vacation. What should be on such a checklist? The points below are a great place to start.

Check Your Tires

Among the most important checks you can complete before leaving on a trip has to do with the pressure in your tires. If you have the wrong pressure in your RV tires before you leave – either too much or too little – you will be at risk for tire failure. Using a tire pressure gauge, check to make sure your tires are within the recommended range. Check all of the tires, and add or remove air as necessary until you are happy with the readings.

Confirm Your Connection

If your RV comes in the form of a trailer or fifth-wheel, you need to make sure your connections are secure an all lights are working. Even if you feel like you were careful when you connected the rig initially, it is still important to double-check this point before you leave. It should go without saying that having a problem with this part of your setup can lead to serious consequences when you get onto the highway.

Make Sure the Inside is Secure

Most RV owners know that they should perform a ‘walk around’ before they leave for a trip or head for home – but did you know that it is just as important to do a ‘walk through’? Take a moment to walk through the interior of your RV and look for things that may have been left sitting loose on a counter or chair. You don’t want to allow anything to go flying as you drive along, so secure all items which will be riding in the RV.

The Walk Around

As mentioned in the point above, it is important to take that last walk around before you hit the road. What are you looking for when you walk around your vehicle? Pretty much anything that could cause a problem. Did you put your jacks away? Make sure the latches around the sides of the RV are all secured, and make sure the door is firmly closed and locked. The process of walking around your RV is only going to take a few moments to complete, but it can save you from making a serious – and expensive – mistake.