Just a few years ago, it seemed that Wi-Fi service in an RV was more of a luxury than anything else. Oh how quickly times have changed. Today, Wi-Fi is seen as an essential for most people as they travel, whether they need to check it with work, family, or the news. If you are an RV owner, there is a good chance you would like to tap into a Wi-Fi signal at least from time to time while on vacation. Fortunately, there are now a number of great options which will allow you to access a useful Wi-Fi signal right inside your rig.

Using Public Wi-Fi

As you are aware, many businesses now offer Wi-Fi service to customers. This is an option for occasionally accessing the web with your devices as you travel. For instance, if you stop by a fast food restaurant for lunch and to stretch your legs, you may be able to tap into the Wi-Fi provided by the restaurant. The positive of this kind of Wi-Fi access is the fact that the service will be free. The downside, of course, is that the internet access is usually rather slow, and the network is not secured. Public Wi-Fi service will help you stay in touch on a basic level, but you shouldn’t plan on using it as your main form of connectivity.

Connection at the RV Park

This is a similar option to the previous point, however it will work for you even as you are camped. Many RV parks today offer Wi-Fi to their guests, however that Wi-Fi will usually be served out of the lobby or similar building – which may be a great distance from your RV. To improve your chances of getting a useful signal, pick up a Wi-Fi booster which can be installed in your rig. These are affordable devices which seek out Wi-Fi signals and add power to them to make them useful farther away from the source.

Wireless Service

Many cell phone plans today allow you to use your cell service as a Wi-Fi ‘hotspot’. This is great because you don’t have to purchase anything additional in many cases – this service may already be included in your cell phone plan. However, you are going to need to have access to a cellular network for this method to work, and that often will not be the case when you are off in the woods on a camping trip. Also, you can quickly use up data (if on a limited data plan) this way so watch how much you use service as your trip goes along.

Satellite Connection

For RV owners who often take long trips to remote locations, this is likely going to be the best bet for Wi-Fi service. A satellite dish mounted on your RV will provide internet access which can work anywhere you are able to connect with a satellite. This possibility is quite expensive, of course, but it just may be your only viable option depending on the types of camping you like to do.